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   You intend to work in Japan?

 The Working Permission consists of several kinds, however that each kind of the Permission is explained in detail is unrealistic, because there is the common fundamental principle in the working Permissions, which is if you are such a skilful worker as it is difficult to seek the same skilful worker in Japanese.

 if you are a cook who make the pizza skillfully and you has been asked to work for a certain company or a restaurant, or you establish your own company for yourself to serve the pizza in Japan, you could get the visa.

 But, in the case you are an employee, you have to prove that you are the skillful worker with documents that can be much difference case by case.

 In the other case you are an employer who have a plan to establish a company in Japan, there should be a definite business plan not to be just convenient for getting the visa.

 In the both cases, you must prepare some documents which let the officer in the Immigration Bureau think of them as genuine credence, and which would get you annoyed.

 That’s why the administrative scrivener can exists in Japan.   Inquiry


 You should know about what the CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY (COE) to reside in Japan for long periods is, because the working VISA or long-period VISA is not correct lingo, they are using them as convenient terms instead of COE.

 That is, you must get the COE at first, if you want to work or reside in Japan for long periods, and you go to the Japanese consulate in your country to get the VISA for the holder of the COE, landing in JAPAN except the minor port, you can get a residence card as your new ID in JAPAN.

 In case of using the minor port, the residence card will be sent to your address in Japan.

sample residence card

   Kinds of Working Permission of JAPAN

  1. instructor of higher institution
  2. arts : composer, writer, painter...
  3. religion
  4. press
  5. business management
  6. lawyer/accountant
  7. medical services
  8. research/study
  9. education
  10. technic, humanities, international work
  11. intra-firm transfer
  12. caring
  13. entertainment
  14. skilled work/craftsmanship
  15. on-the-job trainee
  16. Other Long-period Residence Permissions

  17. cultural activity (e.g. study on Japanese culture)
  18. study at Japanese school, college, institute
  19. to reside as a family member with a foreign resident
  20. trainee without practice work
  21. a certain activity (e.g. houseperson of diplomat, amateur athlete, patient)
  22. The other Long-period Residence Permissions

  23. spouse of Japanese and so on
  24. spouse of foreign resident permitted for particular reason
  25. Japanese descent and so on

    Other Applications related above

  • Change of Status of Residence
  • To add Working Permission to the Status of Residence

   Fees reasonable and well-defined

   - these fees are just commission to apply for the permissions below, the fees are included sales taxes but expenses.

    each kind of Certificate of Eligibility (COE) No.1 through No. 23 written in upper (q.v. #1)

  • Expenses requiered in advance (not refundable) : ¥21,600
  • Fees contingent on success : ¥43,200
  • Estimated expences : ¥14,000 ∼ ¥39,000
  • The guaranteed total rate at the most(q.v. #2) : ¥108,000

   LIST on fees in detail

#1 : for example, if you want COE on No.5 Business Management, you should own a company in Japan in advance, the fee does not include the rate to set it up, we can help you to establish a company or M&A.

#2 : The guarantee can be indemnify, if our culpa does not induces the extra expenses in excess of the guaranteed total rate.

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