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   Certificate of Eligibility on No.2 as artist, writer, painter or YouTuber?

JAPAN Welcomes YouTubers? If you are a YouTuber, Blogger or affiliator who is interested in Japan, and who makes money more than USD15.000 a year : I think it or $10.000 might be at the minimum, more than $20.000 is much better, you could get the residence card of Japan.

It is better for you to apply on the category No.2 as artist, which is included the writer, the auteur, and the YouTuber can be included.

However, this category prohibits you work in Japan, but you can do through YouTube, Blog or your affiliate site as it is, and you could make more interesting contents by living in and watching at Japan which assists you in making money through the SMS.

It is worth trying to apply for the residence card, much more we offer you fee contingent on success, though you should pay small expenses in advance such as postage, transportation cost and so on, of course you can apply for it by yourself for nothing of commission to us.

   Documents required to apply for the certification

  1. Application Form 1 sheet
  2. ID Photo 30mm*40mm 1 leaf : taken in three months without a hat or cap, and no background, write your name in the back of photo, pasting on a column for it
  3. self-addressed envelope with stamps of 392 yen : 1 pieace
  4. resume presented a clear vision of your activity, term and estimated earning
  5. resume presented your work before as a YouTuber, Blogger or Affiliator…
  6. either one of these : commendatory letter by a company or institution concerned, report on you by media, record of prize-winning work of yours or like those
  7. It would be better to take it easy on No. 6, for the figure you have got subscribers can stands for one of prize-winnings.

    God bless you!

   Commission and Expenses

  • Expenses requiered in advance (not refundable) : ¥21,600
  • Fee contingent on success : ¥43,200
  • Estimated Taxes and Expences : ¥14,000 ∼ ¥39,000
  • The guaranteed total rate at the most (q.v. #) : ¥108,000

     # : The guarantee can be indemnify, if our culpa does not induces the extra expenses in excess of the guaranteed total rate.

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