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   International Marriage with a Japanese

The status of Japanese spouse on the resident card is so useful that you can work in Japan without limit, then there are persons who marry a Japanese without love, that is a bogus marriage.

We, of course, never recommend such a marriage, but if you were interested in Japan and wanted to work in Japan, that would be a choice for you to marry a Japanese with love.

There are a lot of Japanese men who want to marry but can’t in these days, not because of negative reason but because of there being few encounter at a woman or more ambitious mind of woman.

Then, if you were not such an ambitious woman, but an ambitious woman to earn much money in Japan, one of choice could be that you marry a Japanese man to come here to work in Japan with the resident card.

And, if you are a man, no problem, there are a lot of Japanese women who want to marry but can’t, not because of negative reason, but because of more adoration towards overseas beyond the Japanese man.

We could assist your marriage with a Japanese.

   We seek for a Japanese partner instead of you?

We could accept your order, but you should know that there are two kinds of mission, one is the mission that can achieve definitely, the other is the mission of which achievement is not always, and your order is this mission.

There is a law of Japan to protect customer on such a transaction, which forces us return your payment, and you can cancel anytime, but the part of your payment which has been consumed already for the mission is not refundable, you should know that before you order.

But, there is a way that you don’t have to pay for the mission, which is that you are supposed to wait until we offer a Japanese looking to suit you, that is to say, the Japanese pays for the mission instead of you, and you are supposed to turn in some your personal information, such as a copy of your ID, portrait and your preference for your partner, which are kept in.

However, we have to communicate well to reduce your query before you send your personal information, contact us, please.

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