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   Fees reasonable and well-defined

   - these fees are just commission to apply for the permissions below, the fees are included sales taxes but expenses.

kind of application Expenses requiered
in advance
(not refundable)
Fees contingent
on success
Estimated expences The guaranteed total rate at the most
(q.v. #2)
each kind of Certificate of Eligibility (COE) No.1 through No. 23 written in upper (q.v. #1) ¥21,600 ¥43,200 ¥14,000 ∼ ¥39,000 ¥108,000
Change of Status of Residence ¥21,600 ¥43,200 ¥14,000 ∼ ¥39,000¥108,000
Renewal of Residence Card ¥21,600 ¥10,800 ¥14,000 ∼ ¥39,000¥75,600
Other Applications inquiry inquiry inquiry inquiry

#1 : for example, if you want COE on No.5 Business Management, you should own a company in Japan in advance, the fee does not include the rate to set it up, we can help you to establish a company or M&A.

#2 : The guarantee can be indemnify, if our culpa does not induces the extra expenses in excess of the guaranteed total rate.

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   fees on Certification of parking space

item of serviceFees in Fuchu Citystamp duty and expensesOther
Surrogate of Application, Receipt and Mailing
(in case you prepare forms and documents for yourself)
¥3,900stamp duty
Fees in vicinal area from Fuchu C.
or in 23 wards
inquire please
writing down in forms and dicuments in stead of you + ¥5,900~---
speed up option + ¥4,800night and early-morning premium : +¥1,000 - ¥2,0009:00 - 18:00
need not the premium

We welcome your order to change owner’s name of a car, of which procedure need the certification of the parking space in advance, please inquire

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- licensed by Japanese Government : reg 18081404

Office : 308-5-2 Koyanagi-cho Fuchu-shi Tokyo, JAPAN

email address :
Phone Number : +81(0)422032335