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   Certification of parking space

you are supposed to get the certification of parking space in advance, if you want to own a car in Japan, except the car of under 660cc displacement categorized light car.

Then, it is not until you get the certification of parking space that you can apply for the registration of your car.

   How to aplly for the certification of parking space

  1. Prepare application forms and attached documents
    • application form for the certification of parking space :2 pieces download
    • application form for the sticker of the certification: 2 pieces download

    • (each of these forms prepared in the police station consists of a set of two sheets with carbon copy)

    • map between residence and parking space, layout drawing of parking space download
    • length of beeline between residence and parking space is supposed to be shorter than 2km

    • document of the title to utilise the parking space (either one of those two)  
      • in cace the parking place is yours : document written oath of the titledownload

      • in case the parking place is leased :letter of acceptance by the lessor or lease written your name, address of the place and contract term download

    • document to testify the base in which the car is utilized    
      for example, driver's license, bill of receipt of heat, light or water, postal matter with cancelled stamp and so on

  3. bring those documents to the polis stion which has jurisdiction over the place, applying
    • fee of the certification : ¥2,100, fee of the sticker ¥500
  5. accept a receipt cum notification of the day of delivery
  6. the delivery is not of the day

  7. go for on and after the day of delivery written in the notification
  8. don't forget to take the notification!

          You need to go to the police station twice to apply and get
    The office counter work is open weekdays 8:30 - 17:15
          Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation serves ONE STOP SERVISE of procedure on car ownership, but it looks to have not been sophisticated yet.
    Osawa Administrative Scrivener Office offers surrogate service for you at from ¥3,900.


   LIST on fees in detail

¥3,900 let you save time

- licensed by Japanese Government : reg 18081404

Office : 308-5-2 Koyanagi-cho Fuchu-shi Tokyo, JAPAN

email address :
Phone Number : +81(0)422032335