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There are four kinds of company in Japan, as the company limited (Co., Ltd.), the limited liability company (LLC), the limited partnership and the unlimited company.

The last one consists of unlimited partners, and the last but two consists of the unlimited partner and limited partner, that means trade-off between unlimited responsibility and not necessity of capital (=easy to set up).

those two kinds of company are limited companies, which are two big streams to establish the company in Japan , of which capital is mandatory, and that need to pay head tax at 70,000 Yen a year at least, even if the company has a deficit.

The capital can be set at only one yen at the least, but that is not practical because of non-credibility for business contacts, much less the officer in the Immigration Bureau, if you want to come to Japan to manage your company for yourself.

Then, they say that you should set at more 5.000.000 Yen as capital, if you want to do, or you should employ more two residences in Japan as full-time workers.

Three steps to set up the limited company

Skipping detail such as naming your company, opening a bank account and so on, three steps to set up a company are listed as below :

  1. drawing up articles of incorporation
  2. authentication of the articles of incorporation
  3. registration of your company

The articles of incorporation can be drawn by yourself, but you should write them in Japanese or translate them into Japanese, there are mandatory articles such as the name of your company, address to set it up and so on, and there are optional articles which would hold true, contrary to that would not hold true, if you don’t write it down.

sample in JETRO's web site   JETRO : Japan External Trade Organization

You are the top shareholder who don’t have to watch out for other shareholder in the brand-new company you established, and you can change the articles of incorporation with ease, though the registration is to be done again, then you can appropriate the sample with optimization to your company at the beginning.

And, drawing the articles of incorporation up and bring them to the office of authentication is one of our service, and we can ask our partner as a judicial scrivener to register your company.


items of servicefeeother
drawing up articles of corp.¥10,800~¥43,200depends on the quantity of articles
authentication¥50,000this fee is for the greffier
registration¥90,000~included tax ¥60,000 or ¥150,000
fee for the judicial scrivener

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